Privacy Policy

Privacy and Data Protection Policy

Páginas Coincidentes, company with taxpayer no. Protection of Personal Data, has adopted this Privacy and Data Protection Policy:

1. Responsible for Data Processing
The person responsible for data processing is the company itself, which will collect, store and process personal data necessary to comply with legal obligations.

2. Collection and Processing of Data
2.1. The collection of personal data provided by the holder at the time of service, whether in person or using digital platforms made available by the company, namely through requests, petitions, complaints, forms and other forms of communication, gives rise to their internal treatment, as well as as to its external use, but always in strict compliance with legal obligations.

3. Purpose of Data Processing
3.1. Conducting studies and statistics of those who use our services.
3.2. Páginas Coincidentes guarantees that personal data are only processed within the scope of the purposes for which they were collected, not disclosing or sharing them for other purposes, namely for commercial or advertising purposes.

4. Recipients of Personal Data
Páginas Coincidentes may communicate or share personal data, in part or in its entirety, to public and/or private entities in cases where such need arises from a legal obligation and/or is necessary for the exercise of the powers assigned to it.

5. Period for Retention of Personal Data
Personal data are kept for the minimum period defined by law for the filing and conservation of administrative documents, without prejudice to the rights of the holder during the respective period of validity.

6. Rights of Personal Data Subjects
6.1. The holders of personal data have the right to:
Request the Coincident Pages access to personal data concerning them, as well as their rectification or erasure, and the limitation of their treatment, or the right to oppose the treatment, as well as the right to data portability, in legally admissible cases;
In the event that the processing of data has been carried out on the basis of consent, the holder has the right to withdraw it, at any time, without prejudice to the lawfulness of the processing carried out under the respective authorization;
Submit a complaint to a supervisory authority, without prejudice to any other means of appeal, administrative, extrajudicial, as well as the right to legal action.

7. Security Measures
7.1. Páginas Coincidentes is committed to guaranteeing the protection of the security of the personal data provided to it, applying the necessary technical and organizational measures to ensure a level of security adequate to the risk of destruction, loss, alteration, dissemination and unauthorized access, or of any other form of accidental or illicit treatment, under the terms of the legislation in force on the matter.
7.2. In case of violation of personal data, the Coincidental Pages notifies the National Data Protection Commission, under the terms and deadlines provided for in the legislation in force.

8. Changes to the Privacy Policy
Páginas Coincidentes reserves the right to change the Privacy and Data Protection Policy at any time, the change taking effect from the date of its publication.

9. Final Provisions
9.1. In everything that this document is omitted, the legislation in force will apply, namely the General Regulation on Data Protection, adopted by Regulation (EU) 2016/679 of the European Parliament and of the Council.
9.2. This document is applicable to the Online Services Subscription Agreement.

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