Get there by VAN

But this vans are not only good looking!There´s much more to this modern fleet of Ford Transit Custom (2.2 TDI, 115-125CV, 6 speed manual gearboxes). This girls are way more economical than traditional caravans. They´re also easy to drive and park, and able you to stay anywhere overnight. Rooms with a view where you get…
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Dare to come

Do you dare to come and visit the biggest pedestrian bridge in the world already tomorrow?

The path of the black gold

The German company The tungsten and tin exploration in the zone of the Rio de Frades mines is dated back to at least 1921-22, when the first licenses to the mining exploration for this area were granted. The W-Sn field of Rio de Frades is placed along a fault system, with the N-S approximate direction,…
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The “British Company”

Feeding the anger of the english Since the beginning of the 20th century, the “Mines Manifests” have declared several areas of mineral interest in the Regoufe region, which in 9 January 1915 obtains the exploration license for the denominated “Regoufe mine” or “Poça da Caldeira”, under the jurisdiction of a French man, Gustave Thomas. The…
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